“Lily Morris is an accomplished therapist. Her hands are confident and dynamic. She has a learned and studied application and is a natural healer.”
~Joanne Scott, LMT, West Tisbury

“Lily is a perfect combination of intuitive and knowledgeable. I always feel like I have a new body after getting a massage from her. I feel like her work helped me more than anything else to put my body in balance after an injury.”
~Gabrielle K., Oregon

“I so appreciated having someone take the time to puzzle out the way I chronically hold in my back, to search deeply enough to get to things that aren’t usually addressed in a chiropractor adjustment or a regular massage. I felt like you found those hidden spots that needed finding in order to release old patterns of holding.  I feel like you got to some really old, deep holdings.  It felt so nurturing and life affirming, affirming of my deeper self.   My eyesight is amazing.  My vision is immensely acute as a result of your work.  And the crease in my brow above my eyes is all released (probably allowing my eyes to function so well).  And even though you didn’t work on my face, it’s all let go.  Makes me want to inhabit my body more because it feels so good and true, so released and spacious.  Both of the last two sessions have gotten to amazing places because you’ve followed your intuition.”  ~M., Martha’s Vineyard


“Thank you for your consultation this morning! It was very helpful and informative. I appreciated how you were asking me first how things felt for my body, and what I’ve noticed, before you told me what you thought or what works for you. I also love that you were so supportive and non-judgmental. Thank you!”   — M.H., Psychologist, Berkeley, CA


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