The Truth about Cancer – a docu-series

If you or someone in your life has been diagnosed or is living with cancer and would like more information, see the link below to the docs-series, The Truth About Cancer. It is a pretty extensive exploration of all the many ways there are to heal a body that has cancer. It is playing on-line for free for the rest of this weekend.

It also speaks of the practice in our country of treating chemotherapy and radiation and surgery as the ONLY viable options and what I’m learning is that those options don’t necessarily do any healing of the body, they just try to remove or suppress the symptom, and from what I have learned, the main reason cancer grows is as a result of a weak immune system.

Cancer is able to grow in the body when the body isn’t able to do the natural process of clearing out damaged cells, and other non-supportive organisms. In order to heal from cancer, we must learn how to support the body, physically, emotionally and spiritually, so it can regain its ability to find the natural balance it is always moving towards. Especially when chemo, radiation or surgery (or a combination) is the treatment you choose, please consider learning about and using other ways to support your body to heal the root cause of the issue.

Cancer doesn’t make us sick; we get cancer because we are sick.

A couple of the specifics that I took away from this series are:

*The importance of eating fresh, organic (as much as possible) food and supplementing with quality herbs and micro-nutrients.

*Not consuming refined sugar, for more reasons than I can list, but a few of the top ones are:

– Sugar (glucose) feeds cancer cells and promotes their growth

– Sugar suppresses immune function

– Sugar is “onco-genic” and can change cells into cancer cells

*Heal your gut! A majority of the immune system comes from the gut and when this system of our body is out of whack and not functioning optimally, it greatly affects our ability to stay healthy.

Here are a few notes on the “Seven essentials”: from Doctor Veronique Desaulniers

  1. Let your food be your medicine
  2. Detox
  3. Balance your energy/hormones – acupuncture, polarity therapy, etc
  4. Heal your emotional wounds, find ways to manage stress, “grow your life or grow a tumor”
  5. Look at biological dentistry, teeth are connected to energy lines in body
  6. Herbs and vitamins
  7. True prevention – thermography, blood tests which measure certain hormones.

_ _ _ _

Some of the issues in this series are controversial and the thing that I love about it is that no one is doing this to make money. These people are so passionate about helping people heal. The purpose of this documentary is to share the information that is out there about how to heal a body with cancer, or to stay healthy and prevent the growth of cancer.

You can buy the series through Sunday night for $47 dollars if you don’t have time to watch it this weekend, or if you want to be able to share it with people you know.

Link to watch The Truth About Cancer:…

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