not-too-nutty Nut Milk

lily having tea

Until recently I have been rather skeptical of the need for nut milk.  The mass-produced, processed kind in a box or carton often has all sorts of other additives to thicken or preserve it and I would just as soon avoid all that. I hadn’t ever tried making my own, though, and now that I have, I am rather a fan of the stuff.

We have been drinking organic, raw cow’s milk for the last couple of years and I am quite happy with that most of the time.  In the beginning of the new year–2013–I am planning to eat ‘clean” again for awhile, which for me means no grains, added sugar/sweetener and no dairy.  I quite enjoy my tea in the winter time, so I have been feeling around for some milk alternatives that I feel comfortable with.  Coconut milk works quite well (I try to find the stuff in a can that contains only coconut, though often it has guar gum too), but has a slight coconut flavor.

I mentioned to my mom that I was going to try making nut milk.  “I have a recipe!”, she exclaimed. Reaching into the bowl of garlic that we keep on the counter, she pulled out a small, dusty slip of paper.  Of course, the recipe for nut milk lives in the garlic bowl…

The recipe read as follows:

12 each of almonds, walnuts and cashews (or all of one kind.) [I used all sprouted, skin-less, dehydrated almonds]

1 T. raw pumpkin seeds

1T. raw sunflower seeds

1 T. sesame seeds [I skipped these]

4 cups water.

1 t. (raw) honey or favorite sweetener

Blend nuts/seeds with one cup of hot or cold water for 1 minute. [be careful if you use hot – start the blender of slow and hold the lid on tight so you don’t have an explosion]  Add rest of water and blend for one more minute.  Strain through a nut milk bag or cheese cloth. Squeeze to get the last bit of liquid out. Stir or blend in sweetener.

I found that the taste of the nut milk was almost indiscernible when added to my decaf earl grey with a touch of honey. Success!

[I used the left over nut grounds to make “french toast pancakes“]


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