much of a good thing

I have just spent the last hour and a half running around the internet, following this link to that article to that blog and so on, and I feel thoroughly inspired as well as completely overwhelmed.  There are so many people out there already contributing to the world of health, how could I possibly find a place in the exchange of information that hasn’t already been filled?

I guess this when it is a good time to remember the quote by somebody about how I am the only person who can contribute whatever I have to contribute, and if I don’t, then it doesn’t get contributed, to the world that is.  So… I suppose I will continue to express away, and think of it as a contribution when I can.  I came across so many amazing resources tonight, my head is still spinning.  I think I better let it spin me up to bed, though, as tomorrow is a full day of driving, dentist, singing songs of peace, hope and light, and hopefully listening to poetry as well.  Thanks for listening.

Here’s a link to one of the cool websites I found (thanks to Jan Buhrman at Kitchen Porch who shared about a book she was reading):


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